SHARP showcases world’s largest 8K LC display at IFA2019

Berlin, 28.08.2019

At IFA2019, held September 6–11 in Berlin, Sharp Corporation (TOKYO: 6753) will unveil the world’s largest liquid crystal display monitor. Alongside a range of prosumer cameras and camcorders, the enormous, 120-inch screens will form part of a showcase of Sharp’s groundbreaking 8K+5G Ecosystem, which also includes applications of 8K technology in arenas such as medical science and the arts. Attendees will also be introduced to Sharp’s AIoT line of smart life solutions, including the latest updates to RoBoHoN, the company’s unique robotic mobile phone.

Extending its long track-record as a pioneer in the field of 8K technology and products, IFA2019 will see Sharp propose an evolution of its industry-leading 8K+5G Ecosystem that takes advantage of the possibilities offered by the massive high-speed data transfer capacity of 5G mobile technology. As well as the launch of a 5G service to support the data requirements of 8K UHD imaging, the comprehensive framework promises to transform consumers’ lives in a variety of fields, from video production and transmission, to medical and educational applications.

“Since our launch of the world’s first-ever 8K display back in 2011, Sharp has continued to develop 8K products in the BtoC realm, but thanks to advances in communication and imaging technology, we are now also able to offer fresh value in the field of BtoB,” said Kazuhiro Kitamura, Business Unit President, Global TV Systems BU and Head of Europe Business. “Currently, we are partnering with other companies to run verification tests in various fields. By working in tandem with other firms’ technology, rather than promoting our own 8K offerings in isolation, we are able to foster breakthroughs and nurture 8K+5G Ecosystem across an ever-wider range of disciplines. The more partners we can bring on board with groundbreaking technological advances of their own, the more we can achieve together to enrich society and people’s lives.”

One field for which Sharp has particularly high hopes is learning. The company will display 8K Viewer for museum and school use at IFA2019. This Viewer, pairing with 5G connectivity enables to display artistic masterworks with substantially greater detail and resolution than can be observed with the naked eye opens up fresh possibilities for remote viewing. Such advances have massive potential in the fields of education and art restoration­­.

Displays at IFA 2019 are just a few more of the many ways in which Sharp is continuing to change the world through 8K, 5G and AIoT.

Bron: Sharp

SHARP showcases world’s largest 8K LC display at IFA2019